Managing Director
Michael Reidl
+49 421 3691317
Katrin Werner
+49 421 3691311
Tobias Welter
+49 421 3691313
Andre Recklebe
+49 421 3691316

Andrea Kuhl
+49 421 3691319
Julia Beljan
+49 421 3691320
Jendrik Breitenfeld
+49 421 3691314


INTRAC H.Fehrmann is proud to have a vast network of dedicated agents.
We take great time and effort to select our agents to ensure best possible handling for your logistic needs.

The satisfaction of our customers is our main focus.
For this reason, we nominate one contact for each customer.
So you will only have one person in charge for all your business matters.

Containerschiff Verladung Luftfracht Service