Managing Director
Michael Reidl
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Katrin Werner
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Tobias Welter
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Andre Recklebe
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Andrea Kuhl
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Julia Beljan
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Jendrik Breitenfeld
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About us

INTRAC H. Fehrmann GmbH
an Independent Transport Company

In today's freight forwarding environment no shipment is ever the same. We are proud to offer our clients logistic solutions which have been tailor-made to their special requirement.

Originally founded in 1965 as an export oriented transportation provider, today we have expanded to all branches of the transportation industry. Attention to detail, great experience, and excellent customer service set us apart from many others in the business.

No shipment is too small or too large for us to handle!

Our Team takes great pride in their work and is looking forward to be at your service!

Tel.: +49 421 369130
E-Mail: team@intrac-bremen.de

Handelskammer Bremen
Our company secures quality through education and training.